Way Of Life


It is only when we co-operate with the Creator that we can find our flow; “He leadeth me beside the still waters, He restoreth my soul.”  Psalm 23: 2b & 3a KJV

Determine where your flow is, work towards that end, knowing that when you are in a co-operative spirit it will bring success for living, loving, giving and sharing. Sowing and reaping (planting and harvesting the fruit) are the key elements; this is ‘The Way’.  Sometimes the waiting in between the two creates doubt and a lack of desire for the thing we started out wanting in the beginning,  but…the order of things remains… Seed… TIME…Harvest!   This is the rule of life whether it is regarding personal/intimate relationships, work, family, friends, art, craft or religion… this is the ‘ Way of Life’.

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