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Sarah M Barnes was born in Norfolk, VA and became a Licensed Ordained Baptist Minister on September 18, 2005. She is an Associate Minister on staff at New Hope Baptist Church, and an associate member of Old Cool Spring Baptist Church in Franklin, VA under  Pastor Anthony L. Goodwyn.

She began to teach Meditation techniques in 1980 after studying and participating with several different groups with various perspectives. As a studying Herbologist she began to hold herbal classes to share on the benefits of Herbal Nutrition in 1991. The same year she began to teach structured Meditation classes and facilitate workshops and seminars.  She attained a Certificate in Iridology under Ed Bashaw at Bashaw Life Center in Midlothian, VA in 1995, and began to practice Irianalysis. In the year 2014 Sarah became a PTCB Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician.

The Meditation workshops and seminars are a consolidation of the previously taught seven week course consisting of one night a week classes and 37 years of personal study and development. The instruction on meditation technique in seminar/workshop format was begun out of compassion for the weary who struggle to always present a positive, pleasant impression of Self and the desire to be the embodiment of peace in efficiency.

The objective is to actually become that which we try to project and present.  The techniques are fun, interesting and extremely useful in daily life to help the user work through and eliminate stress reactions, fatigue and general dis-ease.  Americans have been a culture of people who have known so little about spirit and Self; mending is on the rise!

For Information on Booking Workshops/Seminars Write To:

Waves of Life Vibes

P.O. Box 8033

Hampton, VA 23666

E-Mail: lifevibeseternal@gmail.com

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