Meditation Workshop

Meditation Workshop Constituents

Workshops cover discussion of meditation basics to include some definitions. Information regarding understanding one’s own energy and how to manage it effectively will be covered along with hands on activities . There will be instructed meditative experience; all participants will have an opportunity to successfully complete basic meditative experience and learn of inner gifts. These events focus on the process of knowing one’s Self, and enhancement of one’s development of comfort with Self and being.

Activities Will Include:

Finding the energy centers of the body, or Chakras. Quiz/Test which will help participants assess themselves and give useful information on how they can help themselves (self empowerment). Music and its relationship to the body, human energy and basic sounds of each energy center vibration.

Psychic Energy Activities:
Projecting healing energies
Aligning Chakras
Raising sexual energy
Positive affirmations
Experiment with color therapy

Object encounter
Psychometry technique
Third eye encounter
Energy encounters and salutations

The activities led and instructed in the workshop are a consolidation of a previously taught 7 week course consisting of one night a week meetings lasting 2 to 3 hours each, and 37 years of personal study and development. This instruction in workshop format is given out of compassion for the weary who struggle to always present a positive, pleasant impression of Self and be the embodiment of peace in efficiency. We need to actually become that which we try to project and represent. These techniques are fun, interesting, and extremely useful in daily life to help the user work thru and eliminate stress, fatigue and general dis-ease. Americans are a culture of people who know so little about Self, finally mending is on the rise. We will no longer act like or pretend we have peace and love, we shall BE… peace & love!

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