Single Herbs



ALFALFA – Health builder, nutrient rich, feed pituitary gland, alkalize over acidity

BARBERRY – Blood purity, indigestion, gall stones, blood pressure

BARLEY GREENS – Energy, nutritive immune builder, nutrient rich

BEE POLLEN – Quick energy, slow down aging, natural no-doze, all essential amino acids

BILBERRY – Night vision, near sightedness; eye fatigue, pressure, cloudiness

BLACK COHOSH – Estrogen-like properties, hot flashes, nerves

BLACK CURRANT OIL – Boost immune, fatty acids, GLA, nerve tonic, female corrective

BLACK WALNUT – Parasites, worms, skin rashes, connective tissue pain and inflammation

BLESSED THISTLE – Bring oxygen to brain, strengthen memory, increase mother’s milk

BURDOCK – Reduce swelling and deposits in joints, blood purity, skin eruptions, high in iron

BUTCHER’S BROOM – Improve circulation, leg cramps, broken veins, blood vessel plaque

CAPSICUM – Circulation to extremities, equalize blood pressure, stimulate body processes

CASCARA SAGRADA – Sluggish bowel, increase peristaltic action bowel tone, gall bladder

CATNIP – Nerves, cigarette craving, digestion, hiccups, gas, baby’s tummy discomfort

CHAMOMILE – Sleepy-time herb, improve appetite, addiction withdrawal, nerves

CHARCOAL – Help remove toxins, poisons, pollutants, bacteria, chemicals

CHICKWEED – Appetite suppressant, bum fat, dissolve plaque from veins

COMFREY LEAF – Build bone and tissue; pulled tendon, bruises

CORNSILK – Kidney, bladder, bed wetting, painful urination, prostate

DAMIANA – Hormone balance, increase male sperm count, strengthen female egg

DANDELION – Blood purity, bloat, age spots, build liver, high in Vito A, iron-other minerals

DONG QUAI– Hot flashes, hormone balance: nerves, muscle spasms, female complaints

ECHINACEA – Natural antibiotic, lymph system, T-cells, blood purity, immune system

EYEBRIGHT – Failing vision, eye inflammation, styes, eye strain

FEVERFEW – Severe head pain, relax blood vessel tension in neck and head

GARLIC – Normalize blood pressure, yeast, bacterial and viral problems, natural antibiotic

GARLIC OIL -(ditto), also pierce capsule and squeeze on ear area: inflammation and pain

GINGER – Gas, motion and morning sickness, settle stomach, stimulate circulation

GINSENG, SIBERIAN– Raise general health level, energy, longevity, age spots, nerve tonic


GOLDEN SEAL ROOT – Acts as natural insulin, cleanse urinary system, natural antibiotic

GOTU KOLA – Brain food, memory, vitality, nerve food

HAWTHORN – Heart food, cordial, adrenals, stress, blood pressure

HOPS – Sleeplessness, nerves, restless children, decrease desire for alcohol, sciatic nerve

HORSETAIL – Hair loss, weak nails, excess water, help calcium absorption, silica source

HYDRANGEA – Joint pain, stones, bring mineral deposits back into blood solution

JUNIPER BERRIES – Feed pancreas and adrenals; uric acid, excess water

KELP – Thyroid, natural iodine, food for all glands, hair loss, cleanse radiation from body

LICORICE – Adjust blood sugar, quick energy, cough, feed adrenals, soothe inflammation

LOBELIA – Congestion, strong relaxant, remove mucous obstructions

MARSHMALLOW – Bladder/kidney problems, bed wetting, inflammation, enrich breast milk

MULLEIN – Nervous cough, lung and sinus congestion

PARSLEY – Bad breath, blood builder, kidneys, bloat, strengthen eyes

PARTHENIUM – Boost body’s ability to fight illness, blood and lymph purity

PASSION FLOWER – Nerves, ~ad and eye pain, stress, sleep

PAU D’ARCO – Discourage yeast, fungus, viruses; build immune

PEPPERMINT OIL – Aid digestion, queasiness, gas, energizer, feed nerves, mental clarity

PSYLLIUM HULLS – Sluggish bowel, add bulk and softness to stool, absorb toxins

PSYLLIUM SEEDS – Same as above, but adds a little more lubrication than the hulls

RED CLOVER – Skin problems, nerve food, blood purity

RED RASPBERRY – Overall female tonic, childbirth, runny stool, morning sickness

ROSE HIPS – Natural Vitamin C, blood purity, chills, sneezes, immune builder

SAFFLOWERS – Muscle soreness, digestion; help reduce cholesterol, uric acid

SAGE – Dry up breast milk, night sweats, worms, sore throat and gums, grey hair

SARSAPARILLA – Help body make male hormones, body building, sexual potency

SAW PALMETTO – Help weight gain, throat bronchial problems, male/female reproductive

SCULLCAP– Restlessness, nerve/muscle spasms, clean build spinal nerves and head area

SLIPPERY ELM – Soothe irritated mucous membranes and perforations, acid stomach

SPIRULINA – Nutritious blue-green algae, energy, 26X calcium in milk, 65% protein

TEA TREE OIL – Antiseptic for cuts and burns; fungal, viral and bacterial skin irritations

UVA URSI – Spleen, bladder and kidney tonic

VALERIAN – Pain, muscle spasms, nerves, promote sleep and tranquility

WHITE OAK BARK – Stop bleeding of gums, intestines, blood vessels, legs, rectum

YARROW – Obstructed perspiration, nosebleeds, circulation to skin

YELLOW DOCK – Blood purity, liver, skin problems, iron, feed pineal gland

YUCCA – Natural cortisone, joint pain and inflammation, anti-stress, digestion

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