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Iridology is the study of the iris, which is the colored part between the pupil and the white of the eye.  Every iris is as different as a fingerprint.

The job of the iridologist is to examine the iris and determine which of the bodies systems are in need of nutrition.  The nutritional source of choice is herbs and there are herbs which are particularly useful to different body systems.

I began doing irianalysis with an eight powered loop for magnification while shining an angled pen light on the iris.  Today I can use cameras and technology that has made the process so much more efficient.

In the 19th century a Hungarian by the name of Ignatz von Peczeley noticed that an owl that had broken its leg developed what appeared to be a hole in the iris of its eye. As the leg healed the appearance of the hole changed and became less pronounced and lighter in color.  He recognized the relationship between the eyes and the whole of the body.  In 1866 Ignatz von Peczeley became a medical doctor in Budapest.

One of the most well known iridologists in the United States was Dr. Bernard Jensen.  Today I use his books and charts to facilitate the process of irianalysis.  The information and knowledge he has left the world is known of by everyone I’ve ever met who practiced iridology.

The study of the iris of the eye has allowed myself and so many others to help people in need by pointing them in the direction of improved health and a greater constitution for healing.

With a few pointed questions and answers we are able to learn that in some instances a person’s health condition has been in the process of development for many years. The iridologist can share information on how the starting or stopping of particular behaviors and habits can turn health conditions around, whether it be changing the diet, taking tub baths as opposed to showers, or replacing negative thought patterns with those which are positive.

The iridologist looks into the eyes because…


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