See Yourself There…

Grey Heron landing in the water in its habitat

Visualize yourself there, having arrived and accomplished the thing set out for.  The popular saying is “the longest journey began with a single step”, one foot before the other.  Meditate on it; get yourself away from it all.  It should be someplace where there are no interruptions, have paper and pen or pencil handy, be sure you are sitting or laying down comfortably.

Close your eyes, slowly take in a deep breath through your nose and then just as slowly release it out through your mouth, then repeat this twice more.  Relax, allow yourself to relax.  Take notice to anything you see in your minds eye, any thoughts which come to you, anything you hear with your inner ears, anything you feel, smell or anything you suddenly know.  Give yourself (3) minutes to familiarize yourself with your inner meditative path and then write down the experience in your journal.  If necessary set a timer so that you can be aware when three minutes has passed, and take another meditative pause.  This time instruct yourself to see yourself having accomplished the thing desired.  After three minutes, again write it down…it can be like a dream, so real and then after a few short minutes you forget the details.  Reference scriptures in the Bible that will support you as you visualize the desired accomplishment, regularly setting time aside for it.

You must also set aside time to read the relative scripture you have chosen to support your endeavor.  If there is a conflict the Creator, our God will reveal it to you.  You may write to me if difficulties arise; I do not have all the answers, God does…I can however usher you in the right direction, and encourage your heart.  The idea is for you to ask the appropriate questions and find the answers for yourself.  God through Jesus Christ is the only way I know, the Holy Spirit is the only spirit we need to seek answers from for “He is the Spirit of Incorruptibility”.  If this statement is troublesome to you  it may be that we may part ways now as certain aspects of this website and its offerings are for those who are in agreement with its designer or at least believe there is something to the information being delivered and therefore you would want to participate and continue.   In a spirit of love I can only declare, life is good and there is plenty of it to go around.  Godspeed to all as we choose our Way!

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